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About Us


I started writing my mom blog. where I talk candidly about motherhood, being a wife, health and other random topics. It’s a fun outlet for me. I was praying about my blog one day and asking God to use me. I kept saying, “God I want you to use me. Please just use me in your kingdom.” I yearn to go to heaven and have God show me all the people’s lives I touched by sharing His word and bringing them to Him.

Soon after I prayed for God to use me, the Las Vegas shooting happened. I was heartbroken for those involved, I personally knew a few people who were injured at the tragic event. I wanted to send flowers to them, but I knew that everyone was sending them flowers and they probably didn't need any more! I prayed for them but I wanted to do something nice to show I cared and let them know that God had been putting them on my heart. I was so distraught for them, simply saying, "I'm praying for you" felt cliche: even though I know the power of prayer, It can be an overused phrase. If only there was something meaningful I could send them. Something more than just flowers, a way to SHOW them that I am praying for them and care. A few days later, I woke up in the middle of the night with a vision. I started rattling it off to my husband so I wouldn’t forget. I said, “ESTHER. Remind me to tell you about Esther in the morning.” My vision was to make shirts that say, “For such a time as this.”

The story of Esther is all about how this young girl became a queen and essentially saved her people because of where God placed her. That’s a really short summary and I would love for you to read the full story on your own in the bible. This story had me thinking, some of the hardest things I have ever faced (my parents divorces, my mom being tried for murder, my father in law committing suicide, my step dad being convicted, my brothers drug addiction and struggle.) All of these things have grown me. God has put specific people in my life that needed to hear my story, that needed to learn from what I had been through. Sometimes we go through really hard things and need to be reminded that it’s not about us, it’s about Him and His plan, and work that He is doing IN us and THROUGH us. So My vision began. The shirts. Then I wanted to add a prayer card as a commitment to pray for the person you send your gift to.

Originally I was going to sell the shirts on my blog, but my husband felt we should make it a company and make multiple options for shirts and products. I plan to grow and offer jewelry and clothing that are biblically inspired gifts. Each with their own message and encouragement. So that’s when I came up with 2 OR MORE CLOTHING. Because God promises:

Matthew 18:20 “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be amidst them.”

When we join together in praying for one another, GOD IS THERE! How amazing is that. He shows up. This company is meant to help others FEEL the love of God and what better way to call on Him to show up, than to pray together? So there it is... That's our story. But the real story is what’s happening in your life. The real story is how God is working all these things together for good in those who love Him. Tell me about you! How has God shown up for you? How have these products touched your heart and revealed God to you in your time of need?